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Tuesday Tips: Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

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Everyone loves taking a vacation. Whether it is a weekend getaway, cross-country road trip, or out-of-country vacation, getting out of town is always fun. Whatever your travel plans are this winter, we want to make sure your home stays protected while you are away. Thieves often know when homeowners are away. These are popular times … More

Liabilities of Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl XLIX is next Sunday in Glendale, Arizona. Many people will be gathering to watch this highly televised event. If you are hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend, you may want to consider the liabilities that come with hosting this sort of event. Many people will be snacking on super bowl appetizers, while … More

Weekend Beat: Central Waters 17th Anniversary Party

Tomorrow, Saturday 24th, Central Waters Brewing Co. in Amherst will be celebrating 17 years of business. The event will begin at 3:00 pm and run until 10:00 pm. The 17th anniversary party will be held in the new building that is on the premise at Central Waters. There will be several shuttles running all day, … More

Life Insurance Thursday: How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

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Retirement savings, it can be a difficult thing to understand at time. The question as to how much you need to retire is a complicated one. Planning for any large goal, such as retirement, it is important to have an understanding of potential outcomes. As far as how much life insurance is needed to retire, … More

How To: Clean Up Your Computer This January

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month. Start off the year with a clean computer that will be cleared of anything that might be slowing you down. Follow these steps to clean up your computer. Always keep your computer up-to-date. If you are a Windows user, go to the Start Menu and search for … More

Tuesday Tips: Avoid Skiing/Snowboarding Accidents

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It’s Tuesday, which means it is time for Tuesday Tips. Today, we will be discussing the dangers of skiing and snowboarding and how you can avoid injuries this winter. We are currently in peak season for skiing and snowboarding. Many people are heading to the slopes to participate in these popular winter sports. Skiing and … More

Weekend Beat: Free Fishing Weekend in Wisconsin

Ice fisherman, rejoice! Free fishing weekend in Wisconsin begins on Saturday, January 17th and runs until Sunday, January 18th. Residents and nonresidents are welcome to fish for free anywhere in Wisconsin, without a license, this weekend. Included in the free fishing weekend are the inland waters, Wisconsin side of the great lakes and Mississippi River. … More

Life Insurance Thursday: How smoking affects life insurance?

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Every smoker knows that using tobacco is a very expensive habit. However, some smokers may not realize the cost it has on their life insurance policies. If you are a smoker, we will be discussing one of the many reasons you should stop smoking in today’s issue of Life Insurance Thursday. Life insurance rates are … More

Community Insurance Featured Employee: Melissa Blenker

Job Title: Insurance Agent/Office Manager Number of years at Community Insurance & Associates:  I just celebrated 7 years with Community Insurance, time sure does fly when you enjoy your job and are having fun! Most rewarding part of your job? I love when I get to help someone start a new policy that gives them … More

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