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Why wear sunglasses?

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Before you know it, summer will be here. Sunshine in Wisconsin means it’s time to get the SPF out, along with a pair of sunglasses. Whether it be the same pair of sunglasses you have had for years, or your 3rd pair so far this spring, sunglasses are extremely important for good eye health. There … More

Weekend Beat: 11th Annual Scandinavia Fire Department Pig Roast

Take a trip to Scandinavia this weekend for the Scandinavia Fire Department’s 11th Annual Pig Roast. In order to continue serving the community, this volunteer fire department thrives off of support from the community. They also promote safety and fire prevention by teaching protective practices within the Scandinavia community. The pig roast will be held … More

The IMT Group Community Contest

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Every year, The IMT Group chooses 15 deserving local organizations and they donate $500 in order for the project to be completed. They donate to a variety of organizations throughout several communities. They believe in the betterment of local communities and the community contest program is just one of the many ways they choose to give … More

National Financial Literacy Month

Every April, National Financial Literacy Month is recognized in the United States. Initially designed by the U.S. Senate in 2003, the month is used to educate Americans on the importance of maintaining practical financial habits. Financial literacy is extremely important in teaching people how to earn, manage, and invest their money in the most effective way.There … More

National Safe Digging Month: Call Before You Dig

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Now that spring is here, many people are beginning to start their yard work. In the United States, there is about 2.1 million miles of low-pressure natural gas distribution pipelines crisscrossing each other. Accidently digging into one of these pipelines can create a very serious mishap.  That is why April is National Safe Digging Month—created … More

Weekend Beat: Central Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival

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During the month of April, Central Wisconsin will be celebrating grasslands during the 2014 Central Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival. This month-long event is a way to educate the public on the importance of grasslands. Grasslands provide a home to the greater prairie chicken, and the Central Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival is a way to celebrate the conservation … More

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