Few people enjoy the unknown. Fewer still enjoy being involved in accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident – or feel you need to file a claim – please FILE A CLAIM HERE. We will process the claim for you with the appropriate company.

If this is a claim emergency, please find your company below and file a claim immediately with them.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.



Regular Website: http://wisconsin.aaa.com/
Claims: File a Claim
Glass Claim: File a Claim
Payments: Make A Payment
General Inquiries: (800)236-1300
Roadside Assistance: (800)236-4222

acuity insurance logo


Regular Website: https://www.acuity.com/
Claims: File a Claim
Glass Claim: File a Claim
Claims: (800)242-7666
Payments: Make A Payment
Help Desk: (800) 242-7666 Ext 4357

Auto-Owners Insurance

Regular Website: https://www.auto-owners.com/
Claims: 1-888-252-4626
Glass Claim: 1-888-295-2590
Work Comp Claims: 1-844-334-6475
Payments: 1-800-288-8740
Roadside Assistance: 1-888-869-2642


Badger Mutual

Regular Website: http://www.badgermutual.com/
General Number: (800) 837-7833


CNA Surety

General number: (800) 331-6053



Regular Website: http://www.dairylandauto.com/
Payments: Make A Payment
Support/Payments/Claims Service: (800) 334-0090
Reporting Suspected Fraud: (877) 736-8798


Regular Website: http://www.dupontmutual.com/contact.html
General Number: (715) 754-2525
Toll Free: (800)-813-8000 (WI Only)

First Auto & Casualty

Regular Website: http://www.thewrcgroup.com/1st-auto/
General Number: (800) 261-2886

Website: https://www.encova.com/

File a claim: https://www.encova.com/submit-claim/

Pay a Bill: https://www.encova.com/pay-bill/

General Number: 844-362-6821

Life Policies: 888-876-6542


Foremost Insurance Co.

General Website: http://www.foremost.com/
Claims: File a Claim
Claims Number Everything but Auto: (800) 527-3907
Claims Number for Auto: (800) 247-7865
Payments: Make A Payment

Germantown Mutual
Regular Website: http://www.gmic.com/
Claim: File a Claim
Glass Claim: File a Claim
General Number: (262) 251-6680
Glass Claim Number: (866) 982-5246


Grand General

Regular Website: http://www.thehelpfulpeople.com/
General Phone: (800) 869-2022

Grinnell Mutual

Regular Website: http://www.grinnellmutual.com/
Glass Claims: File a Claim
General Number: (800) 362-2041 Ext: 2455
Claims Number: (877) 467-2252


Hagerty Classic Auto Insurance
Regular Website: http://www.hagerty.com/
Claims: File a Claim
General Number: (877) 922-9701



Regular Website: http://www.imtins.com/
General Number: (800) 274-3531
Payments: Make A Payment

mt morris insurance

Mt. Morris

Regular Website: http://mtmorrisins.com/
General Number: (877) 228-5543
Claims Number: (877) 228-4199


Mutual of Wausau

Regular Website: http://www.mutualofwausau.com/
Claims: File a Claim
General Number: (800) 624-4361
Claims Number: (855) 393-4600
Payments: Make A Payment

Website: https://openly.com/

File a claim: https://fnol.openly.com/

Claim Call Center: 857-990-9080


Pekin Insurance

Regular Website: http://www.pekininsurance.com/
Personal Claims:
• Personal Auto & Property: File a Claim
• Glass: File a Claim
Claim Call Center: (888) 735-4611
Property/Casualty Claims: (888) 735-4611
Life/Health Claims: (800) 371-9622
Payments: Make A Payment



Claims: File a Claim
General Number: 1-(800) PROGRESSIVE
Payments: Make A Payment


General Phone: 800-558-3405
Report a Claim by phone: 800-318-2136
Glass Claim: https://submit.glassclaim.com/External/Welcome.aspx
Make A Payment: Make a payment
Pay by Phone: 1-800-830-9150

society insurance

Society Insurance

Home Office: 920-922-1220 or 888-576-2438
Make a Payment: https://ww2.e-billexpress.com/ebpp/Society/
Property, Auto and Liability Claims Service:
888-576-2438, Ext. 5514 (or press “8” at the prompt after hours)
Workers Compensation Service :
888-576-2438, Ext. 5519 (or press “9” at the prompt after hours)


Wilson Mutual

Regular Website: https://www.wilsonmutual.com/
General Number: (800) 242-7708
Claims: File a Claim
Payments: Make A Payment



Regular Website: http://www.wpsic.com/
General Number: (888) 915-4001

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