You Need Auto Insurance to Suit your Situation

Car ownership can mean different things to different people. For many people, a car is just something that makes getting around from one place to another easy. For others, particularly owners of classic cars, that vehicle isn’t just a means for getting from A to B; it’s a lifestyle choice. However, that lifestyle choice can present very different risks, so you need to have the most appropriate auto insurance for your vehicle.

New cars have all sorts of built in security – it’s much more difficult to break into most new cars, and if someone tries, chances are a shrill alarm will go off. They’re not so easy to hot-wire either. Older cars don’t have those built in features. A bent wire coat hanger can still be used to get into an older model car, and anyone with basic auto-electrical skills would be able to get it started without a key. You need to consider adding an alarm system to the vehicles, and also invest in a kill switch to disable the ignition when the car is parked. If you have to park it on the street, using an old-fashioned steering wheel lock may also provide some visual deterrent to a casual would-be thief.

Whether you drive a classic or new model car, you need to look at the risks and get auto insurance that best suits your situation. Bear in mind that the premiums you pay could vary depending on the type of car you drive. Speak to your Wisconsin agent about your different options, and also how you could be eligible for discounts to help keep your premiums affordable.


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