Workplace Eye Wellness Month: Do’s and Don’ts in Eye Care

eyehealthThe month of March is Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month. According to Prevent Blindness America (PBS), “nearly 1 million Americans have lost some of their sight due to an eye injury.” Eye injuries result in lost time, medical expenses and workers compensation claims.

It is important to reduce the number of eye-related injuries in the workplace and enforce safe practices.

  • DO always wear safety eye ware.
  • DON’T wear a piece of eye protection that is not certified by the American National Standards Institute.
  • DO consider special eye protection if you work in health care, laboratory, janitorial or animal handling environments.
  • DON’T keep your computer at eye level if you work in an office environment.
  • DO take frequent eye rest breaks so you are not constantly fixing your eyes on a computer screen.
  • DO keep eye drops at your desk to moisturize dry eyes from heating and air conditioning systems in office buildings.
  • DON’T skip your annual eye exam.

Eye care is extremely important and should never be overlooked. Make sure to share this helpful advice with your manager, co-workers, or employees.

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