Winterize your Vehicle with a Wisconsin Auto Insurance Policy

With the snowstorm that hit us last night, it is clear that winter weather is upon us once again.  Before venturing out too much on the icy roads, remember to review your Wisconsin auto insurance policy and take these tips on winterizing your vehicle:

  • Tire maintenance: Check your tire pressure since it is likely to drop in cold weather.  Properly inflated tires are necessary for maintaining traction.  It is also a good idea to consider getting snow tires on your vehicle, especially when living here in Wisconsin.
  • Organize an emergency kit to keep in your car.  The emergency kit should include a blanket, warm clothing or an extra jacket, winter boots, water and food, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and other items (the full list can be found here).  You should also review what to do in case you get stuck or stranded somewhere, including staying in your car and lighting flares to draw attention to your vehicle.  This is a situation where having a protective Wisconsin auto insurance policy would be most important.
  • Mix a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water.  Spray the solution on your car windows at night and in the morning, your windows will be ice-free.  Other household items that can come in handy are cooking spray, which can be sprayed onto the rubber seals around doorframes to prevent them freezing shut, and hand sanitizer, which can be used to de-ice a door lock.  Just put some sanitizer on the key and the lock and your problem will melt away.

Following these tips will make dealing with this snow much easier.  Contact us today to go over your Wisconsin auto insurance policy options and bundle up, because it’s cold outside!


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