Winter Pet Safety Tips From Your Wisconsin Insurance Company

Cold weather, snow and ice are not only hazardous for those of us who have opposable thumbs, but for our furry friends as well.  Winter can be a dangerous time for your pets and your Wisconsin insurance company wants you to keep your four-legged companion safe!

Despite warm layers of fur that us humans lack, cats and dogs can still experience hypothermia.  Keep an eye on your pet, especially if it spends a lot of time outdoors or is in poor health.  If your pet is shivering, moving slower than normal, or appears weak, he or she could be experiencing hypothermia.  Wrap your pet in warm blankets or take him to the vet if the symptoms are severe.

Another cold-weather condition is frostbite.  It can be difficult to detect frostbit right away, so check your pet’s ears, paws and tail regularly.  You can help prevent frostbite by soaking your pet’s extremities in warm water; if you think your pet has frostbite, take them to the vet.

There are also harmful chemicals that your pet can be exposed to during winter.  Try to protect your pet from antifreeze and ice-melting chemicals and salts.  The ice-melting substances can actually cause severe burns on your dog’s footpads, so take wash the substance off their paws as soon as possible or put protective booties on your pooch’s paws.

Your pet will be thankful for all the protective measures you take to ensure their safety, and you will be thankful that your Wisconsin insurance company protects you in times of need.  Contact us today if you have any questions regarding your insurance policies!


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