What are the Germiest Spots in your House?

April showers bring May flowers, so what are you supposed to do on those rainy days this month?  Why not get ahead on your spring cleaning; that way when May rolls around you’ll have time to enjoy the sunshine while your house is spotless.

Although many people spend countless hours scrubbing their house, some household objects are overlooked.  Here are some items you should make sure to clean:

  • Your telephone.  According to MSN.com, your phone has more germs than a toilet seat or the bottom of your shoe—yuck!  Take time to disinfect your home phone and cell phone with an antibacterial wipe.  Afterwards, you can use your disinfected phone to call your Wisconsin insurance company to make sure all your policies are updated.
  • Your remote control and keyboard.  These are two more pieces of technology that are grimier than you think.  You probably use these items everyday—think about how many germs are accumulated on them.  Use an antibacterial wipe or a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean your keyboard and remote controls.
  • Your coffee maker.  If you take a look inside your coffee maker, you may notice yellow-ish buildup.  This is mineral buildup from your water, and that nasty looking residue is getting into your cup of coffee everyday.  Mix equal parts water and white vinegar and run that through your coffee maker without any grounds.  It will smell nasty but your coffee maker will be residue free!

There are many other overlooked areas in your home that are probably dirtier than you think.  Take time this spring to make sure all areas of your house are spotless.


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