How To: Use a Snow Rake to Remove Snow from Roof

snowrakeAs we mentioned last week, the snow buildup on many people’s roofs is beginning to cause problems. We have already received a couple claims from people reporting their roofs collapsing. Most roof’s cannot sustain more than 20 lbs of snow before it becomes too strained. That is why it is important to clear your roof of snow before it is too late.

The best bet you have to remove snow from your roof is to purchase a roof rake from your local hardware store. Roof rakes range in price and you may need extra extensions depending on how high your roof is.

Steps to remove the snow from your roof—

1. Begin at one edge of your roof and work your way around the roof as you clear 2-3 feet of snow away from your gutters.
2. Next, step forward and reach with the snow rake to get the snow that’s farther back and pull it to the ground.
3. Continue this method as you work your way around your entire roof.
4. Keep about an inch or two of snow on your roof to protect your shingles.
5. Once you are done you should take a look at where all the snow fell. Don’t pile too much snow onto a deck because that could also collapse.

Now that you are done, you deserve to reward yourself with a warm beverage or a hot bowl of soup. Removing snow from your roof can be a tedious task but it is definitely better than having your roof collapse. Remember, don’t climb up on your roof and try to avoid using a ladder if you can. Roofs can be slippery and as a ladder freezes it can also become slick. If you are unable to remove the snow by yourself, there are plenty of professionals that you can call in order to take care of the job.

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