Tuesday Tips: Protect Yourself from Infectious Diseases

OCD_handwashInfectious diseases can be found in several different types of settings. Schools, public restrooms, office cubicles, cafeteria kitchens, and even your own home can house harmful bacteria that can cause infectious diseases. This means that keeping areas clean is very important.

In order to prevent the spread of infectious disease—keep these tips in mind.

Food Safety
• Meat and poultry should be stored separate from other foods to avoid cross-contamination.
• Don’t consume any foods that have damaged or unsealed packaging.
• Stay away from eggs that have damaged cartons.
• Always store food in appropriate temperatures.

Good Hygiene
• Wash your hands frequently.
• Keep hand sanitizer with you and place a bottle in common areas.

Good Etiquette
• Practice good etiquette when sneezing or coughing—always cover your mouth.
• If you sneeze into a tissue, throw it out immediately.
• Be mindful of people that are sick around you, such as your family, and encourage them to use good etiquette.

Clean and Disinfect
• Keep up with regular cleaning and disinfection around your home or office space.
• Household cleaners are usually very effective when it comes to killing germs.

• Keep up to day with your immunizations.
• Get your annual flu shot.
• Also, make sure you are keeping your animal vaccinated.

Consider these Tuesday Tips for this season. As your local insurance agents, Community Insurance is always looking out for the well-being of our customers. Please check back here next Tuesday for an update version of your Tuesday Tips.

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