Tuesday Tips: Preventing Restaurant Fires

res fireIf you have ever been in the kitchen of a restaurant, you know exactly what kind of dangerous equipment is being used. Between open flames on a grill top, hot ovens, deep fryers, and electrical outlets— there are a number of hazardous fire-causing pieces of equipment being used. According to a survey completed by the National Fire Protection Association, “restaurant fires caused an annual average of $246 million in direct property damage.” Restaurant fires can devastate a business and lead to closure of the business. However, there are preventative measures that can be taken in order to prevent a kitchen fire.

• Make sure you schedule regular maintenance for your kitchen equipment to make sure everything is running correctly.
• Invest in an automatic fire-suppression system to suppress any flames that may be caused by cooking equipment.
• Keep a class K fire extinguisher along with a class ABC extinguisher in the kitchen area of your restaurant. The class K fire extinguisher is used for kitchen fires that involve grease, fats, and oils that burn at high temperatures.
• Always clean grease out of exhaust hoods, off of work surfaces, and walls.
• Keep hazardous materials tidy at all times. Pick up papers, boxes, rags, and garbage to prevent fires from starting.
• You should remove ashes from wood and charcoal-burning ovens at least once a day.
• Make sure kitchen exits are always clear in case of an emergency.
• It is very important that all flammable liquids are stored away from heat sources.

res dire 2Making sure a restaurant staff is well-trained on fire safety is also a very important key to making sure a restaurant is free from a fire. Regular restaurant check-ups and cleaning are just a few things that can be done in order to avoid a fire. It is also important to have a fire-suppression system set up and to have fire extinguishers readily available.

Not only is a fire-protection plan important, but a great insurance policy is necessary at your restaurant or tavern. If you have any questions on insuring your business, visit our “Restaurant and Taverns” tab under “Insurance Solutions” on our website for more details on a insurance policy.

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