Tuesday Tips: Maintaining a Healthy Weight

diet-398613_640Whether you are a going on a spring break trip, or you are trying to get in shape for summer, this time of year is a popular time for people to start getting to the gym in preparation for swimsuit season.

March is National Nutrition Month, if you have been going to the gym or beginning a new diet, it is especially important to ensure you are doing so in a healthy way. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight all year round. In today’s installment of Tuesday Tips, find out how to maintain a healthy weight this month and every month.

Tuesday Tips: Maintaining a Healthy Weight

  • Maintain a regular exercise schedule. Set your minimum daily aerobic workout time to about 30-45 minute. You should also be focusing on strength exercises for at least 20 minute, twice a week.
  • Stay motivated to maintain a healthy weight through inspirational quotes, pump-up music, or any other motivational tactic you like to use.
  • Set a maximum weight for yourself and do not let yourself go above this weight.
  • Never skip meals or “starve” yourself. Instead, 4-5 mini meals during the day should help keep you at a good weight and keep you full.
  • Keep low calorie, low-fat snacks on hand if you are at work or school all day. Good snacks are raw vegetables, fruit, and popcorn.
  • Keep all of your trigger foods or snacks out-of-sight so they stay-out-of-mind.
  • Ask friends, family, or loved ones to help support and encourage you.

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