Tuesday Tips: Lending Options for Your Small Business

Balance scaleYou have a great idea for a new business—now all you need is the financial backbone to get your idea off the ground.

Starting a business is never an easy task. However, probably one of the most difficult obstacles is finding the right funding for your business. There are several different lending options you have as a business owner.

Make sure you consider all of your options when it comes to funding your small business. Most entrepreneurs have a start-up fund already set up before turning to other options. There are several financing options available, read the following tips to find out the suitable choice for your business.

Tuesday Tips:

• Most banks can provide small businesses with a loan or with a line of credit. These usually always come with a payment schedule and an interest rate.
• Prior to going to your bank to request a loan, you must have a concrete written business plan.
• It may even be beneficial to have a good relationship with your bank lender before asking for a business loan.
• If you are in the technology business, look into grants like the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.
• Never rule out equity financing. Start networking and talking about your business idea whenever possible– you could find a corporate investor that is interested.
• Many small business owners often times ask for loans from friends and family. This could cause tension in some cases—so make sure you have a clear financial plan.
• Credit cards are an option; just keep spending as minimal as possible. Credit cards can be helpful in the growth stage; however, spend carefully.

When starting your business, just make sure you are very cautious when it comes to choosing the appropriate lending option. Having a clear business plan, along with a financial plan, is key to developing the funding you need for your business. Using personal savings is also one of the best ways to begin a new business venture. If you are borrowing, consult with an accountant and have them look over your financial plan.

Once your business is up and running, allow us to keep your business protected. Community Insurance & Associates will set you up with a great commercial policy to insure both your business and your large financial investment.

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