Tuesday Tips: Diminish the Risk for Electrical Shocks at Your Restaurant

Mugaritz_restaurant_kitchen__2012Kitchens are notoriously susceptible to fires with the amount of electricity that is used. Restaurant kitchens also can be a wet environment—often times leading to the electricity and wetness mixing and spelling disaster.

Train your staff to use the following tips to avoid the risk of an electrical shock happening in your kitchen.

• Never modify electrical cords or use them incorrectly.
• Dry your hands before using or operating kitchen appliances.
• Use ground fault circuit interrupters in wet areas near sinks or tubs.
• Items that will be powered on a long-term basis should be hard-wired.
• In order to avoid short circuits you should avoid grease coming into contact with outlets.
• Never unplug a cord by tugging on the cord.
• You should only have factory-assembled, UL-Listed cord sets and 3-wire extension cords.
• Know how to shut off the power in case of an emergency.
• All circuit breakers and electrical boxes should be properly marked and labeled.
• Get rid of any extension cord that is warm while in use. This means the extension cord is too thin and needs to be replaced with a thicker one.
• Never touch a person while they are getting shocked. Wait until the power is turned off to help them.

Not only should a restaurant follow the above tips to avoid electrical shocks, but they should also have a reliable Wisconsin insurance policy provided by one of our 25+ companies. Restaurant coverage will protect you from the unique needs that go with running this type of business. Please give us a call today and we will be able to quote you on a policy for your restaurant.

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