Tuesday Tips: How to Deal with Allergies in the Changing Season

springallergiesThe first day of spring is on Friday, March 20th. We have waited all winter for the snow to melt and trees to turn green. However, many people are not excited for the additional pollen to be floating around and the dreaded seasonal allergies.

In order to survive the springtime allergies, check out these helpful Tuesday Tips. Whether it be a scratchy, sniffy nose, itchy eyes, or constant sneezing—we are here to help.

  • Treat your allergies early by beginning you allergy medications sooner, rather than later. You are less likely to experience the “snowball effect” of symptoms if your start taking your medications early.
  • Be aware of the three most popular types of over-the-counter allergy medications: nasal sprays, inhaled corticosteroids, and antihistamines. Mild allergies typically only require a nasal spray or inhalant.
  • If you plan on working outside, consider wearing a protective allergy mask.
  • To reduce the allergens that circle through your house in the spring, get a high-efficiency furnace filter and change it every spring.
  • When driving in the car, keep your windows closed and set your ventilation to recirculate.
  • If your allergies are very irritating, see an allergist. They can help you figure out exactly what you are allergic to by doing skin tests.

We hope these Tuesday Tips will help you keep your allergies under control this spring. Remember to check back here every Tuesday for more helpful tips.

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