Tuesday Tips: Conserving Fuel in the Winter

wintLiving in the northern region of the United States means that you are most likely going to endure the wonderful season of winter. There are many burdens that come along with the colder climate, one of which includes a decline in your vehicles fuel economy. As the temperature drops, so does your vehicles fuel economy. There are several other factors that make for poor winter fuel economy, such as; idling your car, low tire pressure, increased rolling resistance of your tires, road conditions, low engine temperature, and weaker gasoline. However, there are some easy ways to make sure you stop wasting large amounts of gasoline and conserve a little more fuel this winter.

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• Stop letting your car warm up for 15 minutes before driving. Your car should be ready to drive after 30 seconds of starting it, so stop wasting gasoline by warming it up earlier than necessary.
• Clean all of the snow and ice off your vehicle before you start driving so that your car is much lighter and will conserve more fuel.
• Keep your tires inflated on a regular basis. Winter temperatures decrease the pressure in your tires and increase rolling resistance.
• Stop carrying extra weight around in the trunk or interior of your car. Clean everything out so that your car is more aerodynamic.
• Be a non-aggressive driver. If you are constantly accelerating and slamming on the breaks, it can pay a serious toll on your vehicles fuel economy.

Winter can be rough on your vehicle, so make sure you are keeping up with your car’s maintenance. Try these tips and start to notice yourself filling up your gas tank less. Stay safe on the roads this winter, and make sure to always be cautious when the road conditions are treacherous.

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