Tuesday Tips: 5 Suprising Health Tips

Nobody likes getting sick, it puts a damper on your normal routine and can set you back in work or school. Between headaches, colds, and any other illnesses—getting sick is never fun. However, thank goodness we have people that discover uncommon solutions to our health problems. Sometimes it can be a very simple fix to cure yourself.

Here are 5 surprising (yet useful) health tips:

  • appleWhen your head is pounding from a migraine, try sniffing a green apple. According to The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “subjects who found the green apple odor pleasant experienced a significant reduction in the severity of their migraines.” If you enjoy the smell of green apples, and frequently suffer from migraines, try cutting up an apple next time and giving it a sniff.
  • Stop buying antibacterial soup. According to the American Medical Association, antibacterial soup is making bacteria stronger and more resistant to existing germ killers. Antibacterial soup is used to get rid of bacteria and the idea is to keep you from getting sick. However, illness is cause by germs and viruses, not bacteria.
  • waterDrink more water and have more energy. Did you know that researchers at Vanderbilt University found that water can increase attentiveness. Apparently water raises you sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for activating your body under stress, which in turn gives you more energy.
  • Always wash your hands after getting cash from an ATM. The machines are highly contaminated with bacteria which can cause sickness. Many machines carry the same germs that are in public restrooms.
  • Studies show that petting a dog when you are under stress can lower your risk of having a heart attack. It just goes to show that maybe dog’s really can be your best friend.

Who knew there were so many bizarre but useful health tips. All it takes is a couple easy fixes to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed today’s edition of Tuesday Tips, see you next week.

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