Top 10 Local Fruits and Vegetables To Have This Summer

Our CSA starts on Thursday and I am so excited to start using fresh vegetables and fruits again instead of my frozen ones from last harvest.  Though my frozen fruits and vegetables are good, there is nothing better than tomatoes that are still warm from being on the vine.  I have 10 top fruits and vegetables I like to have in the summer.

  1. Cherries- Though I go up to Door County to get cherries I love the flavor.  I can freeze them right away and they are good for baking or just eating all year long.  They are also good for salads, desserts, or just to eat with lunch.
  2. Apples- Local orchards are a great place to pick your own apples.  Making apple pie and putting in the freezer also is a great way to have fresh apple pie later.  With the fresh apples I keep some out to eat and I like to use them to bake, make applesauce, or even dried apple rings.
  3. Rhubarb- Very tart, but I like to pair it with strawberries to make jam.  It is also great in a simple crisp or making rhubarb bread.  I also learned a rhubarb sauce recipe from my mom that is great to make and use over yogurt, ice cream, or just plain.
  4. Berries- Blue, Black, Straw, and Rasp.  All berries are really great separate or together in pies, crisps, over yogurt, frozen for smoothies, and much more.  They can be very expensive in the store, so I like to find local farms or people who grow them and pick my own. 
  5. Asparagus- It is really healthy and delicious.  I like it baked in some olive oil and sea salt or you can put bread crumbs with a little butter on top instead.  It is great as a side with any summer meal. 
  6. Brussel Sprouts- Simply boil or steam and serve with a little salt.
  7. Zucchini- I get a lot of zucchini in our CSA, so I have found creative ways to use it.  I make breads, cakes, casseroles, fried with a little parmesan, baked, and more.
  8. Squash- Though most squash is not in season until the fall there are some summer squash varieties.  Great baked with feta or with brown sugar. 
  9. Garlic- Two varieties are common in our area.  Both are really great added to any dish.
  10. GreenBeans- Many people grow green beans in their own personal gardens, because they are easy and taste great. 

These are just some of the great fruits and vegetables you can find at a local farmers market or can grow in your own garden that I really enjoy during the summer.  I hope you get a chance to use these delicious local fruits and vegetables while they are in season this summer.  

-Kimmarie                                         YELLOW-CHERRIES-AND-CRAB-APPLES-AFTER-GIOVANNA-GARZONI-2011-1-c31308.jpg

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