Thrifty Thursday: Get Organized!


It’s Thrifty Thursday once again, and since the first week of October is National Get Organized Week, we are going to share organization tips that won’t cost a fortune.

  • Take a Saturday afternoon to go through your junk drawer, miscellaneous closet, or other area of your house that is cluttered with old items.  Organizing a cluttered area can help relieve stress, and who knows what you’ll find while cleaning!
  • Label everything.  Okay, maybe not everything, but taking the time to label can save you lots of time in the future.  Buy an inexpensive label maker or write on masking tape or mailing labels to save money.  Label boxes that you store in your attic or garage so you don’t have to go digging all of them to find one item.
  • Use items you already have at home to help you organize.  Use tote bins to store unused items and utilize as much shelf space as possible.  
  • Don’t hire a professional organizer—get your family to help.  Organizing can be a boring chore, but make it fun for your family by offering rewards to whoever’s room is the cleanest or to whoever did the best job at organizing an area of the house.
  • Clean out your computer.  Look through old files and programs and delete those that you don’t need anymore.  If you are wary of deleting files, save them onto a flash drive, then delete them from your computer.  Your less cluttered hard drive will run more quickly and you’ll be able to find the files you do need with ease.

Organizing may take time and a little bit of money, but think of all the time you’ll save in the future when you know exactly where to look for your belongings.  You’ll want to show off your newly organized home, so why not use some of the ideas on our Packer Season board on Pinterest and throw a Packer party?


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