Thrifty Thursday: Birthday Presents on a Budget

Let’s face it: there’s always a time of the year when the birthdays pile up.  It seems like we’re headed to a birthday party every other day, and shelling out cash for the perfect gift.  Although our friends may be worth the expense, sometimes it’s not possible to spend the extra money on an expensive gift.  Just because you don’t spend a ton of money doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect gift.  This Thrifty Thursday is all about finding the perfect birthday gift on a budget!

  • What they say really is true: it’s the thought that counts.  Some of the favorite birthday presents I’ve received have been those that I know the giver put a lot of thought into.  Take time to think about the recipient’s hobbies, favorite foods or restaurants, or favorite things to do.  Brainstorm a list of their favorite things and a gift idea may pop out at you.
  • Maybe the best gift you can give someone isn’t a gift at all—maybe it’s simply spending an afternoon or a day with them.  Take advantage of the fall colors in Central Wisconsin right now and take the birthday boy or girl to Granite Peak to ride the ski lift to look at the leaves (only $8!) or take a hike on a state trail.  Go out for a meal at their favorite restaurant or spend time with them at one of their favorite places.  Sometimes spending time with someone is better than any gift you could give them.
  • It’s okay to bargain hunt.  The birthday person never has to know that you got the gift on the clearance rack and use a coupon to save a few bucks.  If the gift is in mint condition, what’s the difference if you pay half price vs. paying full price?  It can be our little secret.
  • Handmade gifts are never a bad choice.  You’re bound to find homemade gift ideas even if you spend just a few minutes on Pinterest.  Bracelets, picture frames, home décor, the list goes on and on.  What are your favorite crafts that you’ve found on Pinterest?

Sometimes the most you have to spend on a gift is simply a good amount of thought.  What are some of the best bargain birthday gifts you’ve given?  Share with us and we’ll share the best ones!


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