Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Did you know that an estimated 2,000 fires in residential buildings are reported to U.S. fire departments each Thanksgiving Day, causing an estimated average of 5 deaths, 25 injuries, and $21 million in property loss?  According to FEMA, these damages occur each year but are avoidable if you follow a few safety tips.

Never leave your kitchen unattended while you are cooking.  According to the American Red Cross, 90% of Thanksgiving-day fires are caused by unattended cooking!  It might be tempting to think your pot of potatoes or your bird in the oven will be okay for a few minutes, but it is important that you watch your cooking at all times.

If you are deep frying your turkey (which is absolutely delicious, by the way), make sure your bird is completely thawed and dry before placing it into the fryer.  Partially frozen or wet birds can cause grease fires, which can get out of control quickly.

Don’t leave candles unattended throughout your home.  Candles are great decorative pieces that make your home smell wonderful, but they are also a major fire hazard.  After all, they do have an open flame.  Keep an eye on your candles and don’t overdo it—limit yourself to 2 or 3.  You can also consider flameless candles, which remove the risk of having open flames around your home.

Check out Foremost Insurance Group’s Interactive Fire Safety page on their Web site.  It provides helpful hints and it’s fun to play with too!

Be safe this Thanksgiving and have a great holiday!


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