Summer Tailgating Safety

Baseball season is in full swing here in Wisconsin, meaning many fans venture out to enjoy tailgating before (and sometimes after) the ball games.  Parking lots fill up with baseball fans who spend time enjoying food, drinks, and games.  
Tailgating can be enjoyable for everyone, as long as everyone remains somewhat responsible.  Irresponsibility can lead to injuries and even damage to your parked car, which could make your Wisconsin auto insurance rates increase.  Remember these tips the next time you tailgate:

  • Drink plenty of water.  Sure, a few beers will cool you off on hot days, but remember to stay hydrated by also drinking water.
  • Wear sunscreen.  It is a widely accepted fact that every time you get a sunburn increases your risk of developing skin cancer, especially melanoma.  Protect your skin with a health dosage of sunscreen.
  • Be conscious of yourself and your surroundings.  Not only should you worry about yourself while tailgating, but you should also be aware of those around you.  Watch out for your friends and keep an eye on others who are not in your group.  Be especially careful when entering or exiting the parking lot, as some pedestrians may not be watching for cars.

Tailgating is a great pastime, and as long as you enjoy it responsibly, it will provide you with great fun and memories.


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