Stay Under Cover On Rainy Days Like Today With Flood Insurance

flood 2.jpgThough most of us think we will never see a huge flood in
our day, floods are still the most common natural disaster in the United
States.  Water damage from a flood can devastate
a business, home, and car.  I never
thought I should check into this issue until a friend of mine left her windows
open and had a couple inches of rain in her car after a big spring storm.  You never know when rain will come your way
and you want to make sure you are safe with a flood insurance policy, car
policy, and/or home policies.

Different policies have different coverage so always check
into how water damage from a heavy rain or flood may or may not be covered by
your current insurance policy. You can check into this on your own or talk to
your agent or even better talk to one of our local agents located right here in
central Wisconsin.  They want to help
protect you from this natural disaster that causes approximately $2.9 billion per
years in insurance claims in the United States. 

So even if you, like me, may not live in a major flood zone
you never know when you will get a big rain and your local river or lake will
rise quickly and begin to flood.  Like I
said I never thought about how a car can get damaged so much by a flood or
water in general.  In a big flood your
car could be covered by water not only affecting the inside upholstery, but
also the engine, lights, and electric wires in your car.  So make sure you know right away if you have
insurance coverage, because though today’s rain is nice and light you never
know when a huge storm is coming your way. 
You do not want to be caught without cover in the next storm.


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