Safety Tips for Dogs Who Like to Travel

As a responsible driver, making sure you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts before you start your vehicle’s engine is likely part of your safe driving habits. What about your dog? Even if a low speed collision occurred the numerous sharp objects in your car could cause serious damage to an unrestrained dog. Unfortunately, an excited dog can also cause injuries to people by distracting the driver and causing an accident. Making a claim against your Wisconsin auto insurance, and possibly prompting a premium rise, because you didn’t restrain your pet is something you don’t want.

While it’s nice to have your dog as company on car trips his or her safety should be as important as yours. Never let your dog ride with its head out the window as this puts its mouth, nose and ears at risk of injury from airborne debris. Although many dog owners are aware of the dangers of leaving their pet unattended in a hot vehicle, keep in mind even the temperatures on a mild day can cause heat related problems.
The best restraint for a travelling dog may be a well-fitting harness and a seatbelt. A crate can also be used but can be difficult to secure, and if the crate is too large, a smaller dog can still be injured by striking the side during an accident.

Depending on the size of your pet, you may need to purchase a seatbelt designed for dogs. Apart from reducing the risk of an accident and a claim being made on your Wisconsin auto insurance, buckling your dog into a restraint may save its life.


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