Why Rental Insurance is Necessary

keysBack-to-school time is officially here. Many students are getting packed up and are beginning to head back to college for the school year. Make sure your student is starting the school year off right with a great rental insurance policy provided by your agent at Community Insurance & Associates.

Most college-aged students do not have renters insurance. Many students easily spend money on clothes, electronics, and other frivolous items. However, these pricey items lack protection. The price of renters insurance is low when compared to the amount that they could lose. Theft, fire, and other types catastrophes are all very possible.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, renters are 50% more likely to experience theft than those who own their own home.

Renters insurance can be specially tailored to meet the needs of a tenant. The cost is also much less than most renters would think—to get an idea on cost you can just give any of our agents here a call. We would be happy to help you find a great policy at a reasonable price.

What about if my student is living in a on-campus residential dorm?

For students living on-campus, you often times don’t have to worry about a renter’s policy. Depending on the situation, their parents’ homeowners policy will cover loss or damage to their items. This is called ‘off-premise coverage’. You should make sure that you understand your limits to this type of coverage and the deductible.

Once a student moves off-campus, it’s crucial that you look into a renter’s policy. If you are a student, good luck on your upcoming school year. Parents, give us a call to discuss a renters policy for your student and we will help you with any question you may have.

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