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Writing a resume can be scary and tiring when you are not sure what to include or what not to include and have to try to remember everything you have ever done that is applicable to the job you are applying to.  When you know a company may be getting 10’s to 100’s of applications for a position you are applying for you want to stand out and make it through each process to get to the interview portion of the application process.  In order to get there first you have to show them that you are the right one for the position on paper so you can sell yourself even more in person.  I am going to give you some ideas that I use and that I have heard or picked up along the way to get you through to the interview.

1. Know Yourself: Taking personality or skill tests may be a great place for you to start working on what type of job you want or what type of industry may be a good fit for you.  You may need to be flexible in order to get a job today like being able to relocate.  So know what you are willing to do and not to do for a job or for a company.

2. Data Sheet: Start this now.  It is a working document where you add all your jobs you have ever had with dates, any organizations or volunteer work you have completed, and words that describe you.  You can also put the results of your personality and skill tests on this list.  This will help you when you need to put a resume together, because you will be able to pick the experience relevant to the job you are applying for.  It will all be in one place and decrease the amount of time it takes you to get your resume put together.

3. Know The Job Description/Qualifications: Every job at every company has a job description. When a company posts a job opening they include qualifications for the position and the job description.  You want to use this to make your resume.  Use the main verbs and adjectives they use in your resume to target it to what they are looking for.  If they want a person who can communication make sure on your resume you put the word communicate if that is something you excel or do well. 

Even if you are not applying for a job right now it is good to have a data sheet that in the future you may be able to look back at if you find yourself looking for a new job.  It is common for professionals today to have 3-5 different jobs within their professional career, so these ideas you can do now to prepare for later.  Make it easier on yourself by working now so you do not have to spend so much time dreading resumes later. 


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