Refreshing Drinks Should Not Be Watered Down

So maybe you are like me and like to enjoy sitting on a porch, in the backyard, or by the bonfire in the summer while drinking a refreshing, cold beverage.  Well with the heat of the summer the cold beverage gets warm quicker than anything it seems and so you put ice in your drink.  Well after about 5 minutes if that drink is not gone it gets watered down and the flavor is gone.  Then your nice refreshing drink might as well now be water with non-appetizing flavor.  Well if this sounds familiar to any of you than I have just the thing for you!

When you brew some sun tea or lemonade made extra to put in the freezer in a couple extra ice cube trays.  This way you are able to use lemonade ice cubes when you want to drink lemonade.  SO when the ice melts this time you do not lose any of the flavors.  Even better if you are making a mojito you can make ice cubes that have a mint leaf in them with some lime juice this way you get extra flavor.  For these adult beverages make sure to not add the alcohol into the ice because the ice cubes will not freeze all the way; instead, use the juice or mix so it will keep your drink cool and will freeze fully.  You can make ice cubes for everything and every different flavor drink you may

You want to make a lot of ice cubes so you do run out and have to use regular ice that will water down your drinks.  So make plenty of ice cubes per drink you like and put them in big freezer bags in the freezer labeled with the different beverage.  This way you can always have ice for you beverage accordingly without having to make new ice cubes every time you have guests over or are sitting enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon. 

So this summer enjoy your time outside and sit back and relax, because your drink is not going to get water downed if you do not drink it immediately.  We can all enjoy each other’s company and the beauty of summer a bit more! 


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