Reduce-Reuse-Recycle CDS

Did you know that CDs will sit in a landfill forever and never compost?  I am not saying you should not buy CDs, because of this fact at all, I completely tell you to support music, but when you have an old CD that you do not want anymore and it did not sell at the last rummage sale you had there are a lot of really neat and creative ways to use old CDs without putting them into landfills.

One really great way to reuse CDs I have done is to make a mirror out of them.  You can put them up on a wall backwards (shiny side out) with a pin in each center of each CD or you can use double sided tape and put the CDs up on a wall or the back of a door to make a mirror.  I put mine three CDs wide and 10 CDs in length.  It works really great and can really open up a room, hallway, or bathroom.

Another way I have found to reuse CDs that is fun and cute is to make coasters out of them with modge podge.  Modge podge is a glue and a sealer all in one, so it makes it really easy to seal what you want to make something water proof like a coaster.  How I make them is to pick out a piece of paper or scraps of paper.  I put down the first layer of modge podge right onto the CD then put the paper on top.  Make sure the entire top of the CD is covered by modge podge and then paper.  You can always put the paper on the CD and let it dry and then cut it to fit perfectly to the circle of the CD.  Then once it dries put the second sealing layer on top of the paper and you have brand new coasters. (Below: The picture is of one of the CDs I made.)

There are a lot of other great craft ideas to reuse your old CDs like making a mobile or a clock, but these two are ones I have used and are easy, but look really nice.  So the next time you cannot sell your old CDs and do not know what to do with them, just get creative and the possibilities are endless!  Do not increase landfills, but continue tosupport music you like by buying good CDs.  

                                              coaster 1.jpg


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