Rainy Day Blues


I am not a psychologist nor am I trying to be, but I find that many people I know in the Midwest suffer or know some who suffersfrom seasonal depression.  This can really affect an entire day, week, or even an hour of a persons life and the people around them.  Mood swings and quick changes in mood can be just a couple ways you notice someone is feeling blue from the weather.  

People say, “Oh the bad weather or lack of sunshine affects them,” but does it really?  I think so.  Sunshine naturally increases a persons vitamin D levels making them happier, healthier, and overall mood more positive.  The lack of sunshine, especially on rainy days like today, decreases the way vitamin D can impact a person on all levels both at work and home.  Personally, I know many people and myself who have issues with the change of seasons and the lack of sunshine on days like today, so I have a couple tips to how I try to stay up when the weather is getting me down.  

– Make your own sunshine!  I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but turn on an extra light in the room or a heat lamp even in the summer.  This can bring up the feeling like it is sunny outside, even though it is dark and damp.  

-Invite friends over.  Having people around and something else to focus on besides the weather always gets me in a better mood.  I can focus on what I am going to make them for dinner or what games we will play after. 

-Find a hobby.  It may be knitting or carpentry or cooking.  No matter the hobby find something that you really enjoy and that makes you happy.  Do it on days like today that make you a bit more sad or touchy. 

These three tips may seem simple, but for someone who really struggles with what I call seasonal depression this seems to help.  Find what works for you and helps you to relax and stay more grounded in your day.  Balance is key I think and knowing yourself is the best way to do this.  

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