Organizing the Interior of your Car

Summer has been over for a while now and yet my vehicle still shows signs of sand and dirt from the outdoors. Between trekking around with my friends, and constantly driving to work and back, my car always seems to be a haven for dirtiness. Once my car is clean, I feel much more put together and I feel better about driving other people around in a clean car.

However, if you are anything like me, it is not an easy task keeping your car clean. So today, I took some initiative to clean and organize my vehicle until it was spotless.


Here are my tips for maintaining a nice clean car:

• If you have a center console in your vehicle, put a plastic bag in the large compartment and use it as a trash bag. If you have bucket seats, just wrap one handle to the plastic bag around the armrest on the driver seat and the other handle to the other armrest on the passenger seat. No more empty soda cans or receipts floating around your car!
• Organize your glove compartment to have everything you need. Keep Lysol or Wet Wipes in the glove compartment for unexpected messes. Always have proof of insurance and car registration in an envelope. Also, keep a small first aid kit and sewing kit because you just never know what you will need!
• As far as air fresheners go, I love the small air fresheners that stick into your car vents. They seem to work very well and are not distracting like the ones that hang from your rear view mirror.
• My floor mats are more than ready to be replaced. I currently have cloth floor mats but am upgrading to weather-resistant liners for the long winter we have ahead.
• In my trunk, I put a small shoe box filled with sunscreen, bug spray, hair spray, a hairbrush, granola bars, and gum. The box sometimes moves to the inside of my car but for now it’s in the trunk.
• For those of you who completely hate having dirty floors, you can keep a small little battery-operated vacuum in your car. My mom has one in her car and uses it whenever she needs to clean up real fast.

I hope these tips will help you keep your car nice and clean for the coming months. It is not a quick process to clean out your car but it is rather rewarding once it is done. In addition, I mentioned before that you should always have proof of insurance to keep in your glove compartment of your car. Car insurance is extremely important and you should not be caught in a sticky situation without it.

Have a great rest of your week!


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