No College Degree? No Problem

What’s your most important factor when searching for a job? Getting along with coworkers? Making a difference? Your paycheck?

Not surprisingly, most people wish to do meaningful work yet still bring home a substantial paycheck. Job seekers are surrounded by the idea that a college education is necessary to bring home the big bucks, but there are jobs out there that pay big and do not require a degree.

An article on MSN recently listed 20 jobs which do not require degrees and pay well, several of which are listed below.

  • Construction equipment operator: Employees in this field operate large machines on construction sites and also inspect the machines. Average annual salary is $51,386.
  • Illustrator: Who knew you could turn those doodles into big bucks? Illustrators make an average of $54,565 per year.
  • Flight service manager: These employees make sure that flight attendants are properly completing their jobs. Compiling flight reports is also a part of this job. Average annual salary is $68,572.

While your paycheck may be your greatest motivation when job hunting, you should also make sure your employer offers Wisconsin group health insurance. It doesn’t take a college degree to know that a health insurance plan with your employer is very beneficial for you.


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