Minimize Wisconsin Renters Insurance Claims in Your Student Residence

Unfortunately, students are typically at a high risk of being the victims of burglary. This is why it’s vital to protect your possessions with Wisconsin renters insurance

When your share your rented accommodation with other students, potentially in a single residence, you may each have a laptop, television and stereo. You can imagine how tempting all this highly sellable equipment is to a criminal. 

Students’ homes may also be a high risk for possible burglary due to generally low security measures. When there are lots of people coming and going, it’s easy for a window or even a door to be accidently left unlocked. With no alarms, no security cameras, no guard dog and likely no deadlocks to deal with, your house may be easy pickings for a criminal.

Many students live on a low income, so increasing security measures may not be a viable option, but minimizing the student appearance of the house may be helpful in making a potential burglar look elsewhere. Typical student house giveaways are posters either outside or highly visible on windows, including ‘borrowed’ road signs and alcohol advertising signs. Stacked up empty pizza boxes and beer bottles may also be a big giveaway to a criminal. 

Anything you can do that may help minimize a claim being made on your Wisconsin renters insurance policy should be done. Living on a low income may be difficult enough without paying deductibles and increased insurance premiums.


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