Life Events that Lower Your Auto Rates

weddingPeople are always looking for ways to save on their auto insurance policy. Many people do not realize that there are several life changes that often times decreases the amount of money you pay for your auto insurance. Car insurance can change as the needs in your life change.

One of the big life changes that can help you pay less for auto insurance is getting married. When you combine your auto policy you often times will pay less. Insurance companies view married couples as less risky than single people.

Also, turning 25-years old can also decrease your auto rates. Companies typically label people over the age of 25 in a different risk class.

If you have a teen or college age student driver in your family make sure you look into the good student discount. Students who maintain a B-average are eligible for a special discount from most companies.

Acquiring a new job or license may qualify you for a special insurance discount. There are certain jobs and specific licenses that could qualify you for a special discount. Ask your local Community Insurance & Associates agent if you are eligible for a job-specific or license-related discount.

Finally, if a driver on your policy changes their employment status—it could affect your auto insurance rates. Companies typically assume that if a driver is unemployed, retired, or if they work from home, they are at less of a risk. Drivers who don’t drive to work on a daily basis are assumed to be at less of a risk because they will not be commuting daily.

Remember, for any additional discount information you would like to know about please contact your agent at Community Insurance.

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