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According to The Capital Times, police inform residents to keep their homes secure upon moving. Although it is easier to leave doors and windows unlocked during a hectic move in/move out day, it also makes it easier for thieves to take advantage of you and steal your possessions.

On Saturday morning, Madison police answered a call on Fahrenbrook Court after a man stole a laptop computer and cell phone charger from a 20-year-old female resident. The victim believes the suspect was a guest of a roommate. “A front window was open and had been left unlocked,” police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in a news release.

The victim had awakened about 8 am and noticed there was a man in her home, but didn’t think much about it until she realized her computer and charger were gone. “With many central city residents changing abodes, the police department once again advises everyone to keep doors and windows secured, and not to leave small electronics out in plain view,” DeSpain cautions.

Whether you are moving in or out of your residence, it is important to follow these guidelines from the Police. Purchasing your first home is an exciting event, so don’t let it be downplayed by a tragic accident. At Community Insurance, we are committed to making your property comfortable and safe with our Wisconsin home insurance!

Everyone wants to feel protected while in their home. This is why you deserve to live in a place with ultimate protection provided by our home insurance. Though there are significant decisions to consider, we are committed to easing and simplifying the process for you.

Our homeowners insurance policy will cover some of the following: Personal possessions, liability, and the structure of your home and other structures. At Community Insurance, we want to give you a policy that fits you and your family’s specific needs. So stay safe on the big moving day with our Wisconsin home insurance!

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