Keep Your Wisconsin Car Insurance Prices Low by Using Technology

Drunk driving can cause serious accidents and is not something to be taken lightly.  Accidents resulting from drunk driving can make insurance prices increase and will stay on an individual’s driving record for years.

However, when you are out with your friends it might be difficult to distinguish between having a good time and having one too many.  Thankfully, in today’s age of technology, there’s an app that will determine if an individual has had too much to drink to drive.  BreathalEyes is a 99-cent app for smart phones that measures people’s involuntary eye movements as a result of drinking alcohol, a technique used in field sobriety tests.  After using the smart phone’s camera to scan the user’s eye movements, the app estimates the blood alcohol content with an effective range between .02 and .17 percent.

Using BreathalEyes can help keep your Wisconsin car insurance prices low.  Here are some other apps that can aid you while driving:

  • Otherwise known as the “Backseat Driver App,” this app reads your text and email messages aloud and allows you to respond voice commands.  This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while staying connected to your contacts.
  • I’m Driving: When “I’m Driving” is turned on, your phone will not notify you of incoming messages or calls.  This app automatically sends a customized response to received messages or callers telling them that you are driving.
  • Ulysse Speedometer Pro: If you have difficulty keeping an eye on your speedometer, then this app is for you.  One of the many features of this app is the ability to define a set speed limit.  If you go over that speed limit, your phone will notify you with a sound.

Making responsible choices and driving safely will keep your
Wisconsin car insurance prices low.  Using these apps, along with other available apps, can help you drive more safely.

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