How to: Keep your New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Now that we have entered into 2014, many people are determined to make a change in their lives. Creating New Year’s resolutions is thought to have originated from ancient Babylonian practices. In Babylonian times, they would make promises to their gods at the beginning of a new year. Making New Year’s resolutions is very simple, however, sticking to your resolution is not the easiest task for many people. Whether you are resolving to make your way to the gym more often, or you decide you are going to quit smoking in the new year, make sure you have a plan in order to accomplish your goal.

1. Make your goal tangible. Setting an unrealistic New Year’s resolution is a recipe for disaster. However, if your goal is something you really want and believe you can accomplish, then you will have a better chance of keeping your resolution.

2. Don’t try to make too many resolutions. Many people make long lists of things that they plan to change about themselves. It’s ambitious, just not exactly accessible for most people. Keep your list of goals small, so that you can focus on what really matters.

3. Take baby steps. For example, if your goal is to stop smoking, going cold turkey may not be the best option. Make a plan and follow the steps that work for you. Taking your time as you strive for a new goal is the best way to succeed.

4. Try your best to make time for your resolution. Blocking off time to focus on your goal each day will help you manage your schedule in order to achieve results.

5. Find a support system. You may want to try and find somebody with the same goal as you so you can give each other support.



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