How To: Keep Your Home Spotless

cleaningCleaning, some people love it and others despise it. However, one thing is for certain– cleaning can be a time consuming and tedious task for many people. The people who spend multiple hours cleaning their home may not realize that there are simple ways to keep their home spotless in much less time. Drop the broom for a little bit and read up on how to keep your home clean with these easy tips.

  • Many people get distracted while they are doing a cleaning task, start setting a timer so that you can keep yourself on task.
  • If your home is covered in pet hair, wear a wet rubber glove and wipe your hand across your couch or carpet to easily pick up the hair.
  • Fill your sink with hot soapy water before you eat dinner. As you dirty dishes, you can just throw them in the sink so they can soak while you are eating dinner.
  • Purchase a broom with fine bristles so that you can pick up more dirt and dust in one sweep.
  • Always keep your bed made, because it will always make your bedroom look more neat.
  • When you are vacuuming, start at the farthest corner from the door. As you are working your way through the room, make straight back and forth lines as you make your way to the door.
  • Carry a laundry basket as you walk through each room of your house. As you are going through each room, put items in the basket that belong in a different room. Once you have made it through the whole house, empty the basket and return the items to where they belong.
  • Always keep your windows and mirrors smudge-free. It will make your house look very polished.
  • Instead of scrubbing your microwave like crazy, put a cup full of water in the microwave on high for a minute. The steam will help loosen any food particles that are stuck to the interior of the microwave so that you can easily wipe it clean.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will help cut down your cleaning time and keep your home tidy. Remember, it really helps to clean things as you go so that you don’t put it off until the end when you have a huge mess. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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