Job Hunting Tips for Recent Grads

Are you a recent high school or college graduate?  Or perhaps you graduated a while ago but have yet to land a secure job?  Follow these tips and you’ll score a job in no time!

  1. Keep your resume updated and relevant.  This means that you may have to adjust your resume for every job you apply for.  Only keep jobs and skills that would be useful for the job you are applying for.
  2. Apply for the right jobs.  If you apply for a job that requires five or more years of experience but you have zero, you are wasting your time and your potential employer’s time.  Stick to jobs that you are qualified for so you can spend more time personalizing your resume and have a better chance of landing a job.
  3. Manage your social networks.  Make sure you have an appropriate online presence with sites such as Linkedin and Facebook, but manage your “real-world” connections as well.  Stay in contact with classmates and teachers as they may help you find a job.
  4. Don’t settle.  You may be offered a job that really isn’t what you had in mind—maybe they offered you a job cleaning bathrooms or the position doesn’t include benefits, such as Wisconsin health insurance.  Instead of taking the job to make some money, consider declining the offer so you can spend more time looking for the perfect job.
  5. Always be professional.  You never know where you’ll meet a future manager or boss, so dancing on tables or getting in fights in public isn’t a good idea.  You would hate for your interviewer to recognize you from your mug shot that hangs at the post office.

Job hunts can take weeks, months, and sometimes years.  Don’t get discouraged if there doesn’t seem to be any jobs available.  Stay motivated and remember these tips to better your job hunting chances!


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