Is Your Morning Brew Worth the Health Risks?

Everyone has that family member or co-worker who can’t be spoken to until they’ve had a cup of coffee.  But who could blame them?  That caffeine boost would perk up even the scroogiest individual.

Coffee does have its downfall, though.  Research has shown that caffeine may have more risks than benefits.

Caffeine gives you that perky pick-me-up because it affects your central nervous system.  An individual’s heart rate and respiration will increase, along with other effects.

And that’s only the short-term effects.  Caffeine can affect sleep cycles, cause nausea, tense muscles, and even produce anxiety attack-like symptoms.  After all, caffeine is a drug.  Caffeine uses develop a tolerance to it, then developing a sort of addiction to it.

Caffeine can even affect pre-existing conditions such as heart problems and ulcers.  Individuals should take these risks into account, especially since worsening problems could affect Wisconsin health insurance rates.

The next time your tired co-worker reaches for his cup of Joe, warn him of the dangers of caffeine.  Actually, you might want to wait until after he’s had his coffee when he’s in a better mood.


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