Is Childhood Disappearing?

Did you have a childhood?  You probably answered yes to that question since childhood is a stage in everyone’s life, right?  Well, according to media theorist Neil Postman in his book “The Disappearance of Childhood,” childhood is quickly fading from our society.
Postman argues that the prevalence of television and other forms of media in our culture allows children to access both child and adult content.  This blurs the distinction between childhood and adulthood, leading to the disappearance of childhood.
In other words, it is clear that children have access to content that they may not be appropriate for them.  Parents, guardians, and caregivers should make sure the children in their lives only have access to age-appropriate content.  This can be accomplished through parental locks on television channels and internet, and checking ratings before children see or purchase movies, video games, and other items.
Filtering media exposure allows children to fully cognitively develop and keeps them safe.  Another way to keep children safe is by making sure your Wisconsin insurance policies are providing the best coverage for you and your family.  We can all do our part to ensuring today’s children have a safe childhood.


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