The Importance of Housekeeping at the Workplace

broomA commitment to having a clean environment is crucial to any striving business. Not only does a clean workplace create a more structured environment, but it is also very important to a company’s safety program. Well-kept offices help keep both employees and customers safe.

Slip, trips, and falls can be the result of office spaces that are not regularly maintained. Injuries in your workplace can often times lead to lawsuits. It also heightens your risk for loss.

Develop an easy-to-understand housekeeping plan and make sure you stick to it. This should be something that is on a schedule and all of your employees understand.

  • Make sure all work area surfaces are kept clean and organized at all times.
  • Keep up with your illumination requirements and if a light bulb goes out—make sure to change it immediately.
  • Always keep all exits clean of clutter, especially the emergency exits.
  • Clean up spills of oil, grease, or other substances as soon as they occur.
  • Hoses, extension cords, and other lines should always be coiled up.
  • Encourage others to keep the work environment clean and to make a conscious effort to minimize clutter.
  • Pick up any tools, equipment, or anything that could be a potential tripping hazard and move it out of the way.
  • Maintain optimum use of the space—using shelves and drawers to store items.

Risk control is a very important part of a business. Good housekeeping protects against injuries, saves you time, prevents a fire, and can keep your equipment from being damaged.

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