How’s your Horn Etiquette?

Like many drivers, you probably don’t think about when you should or shouldn’t use your horn. Unfortunately, this lack of thought may lead to an accident and a claim being made against your Wisconsin auto insurance. Horns are for use in emergency situations only, or to help avert a potential accident. In some cities it’s against the law to use your horn during certain hours unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Here are three situations where using your horn may contribute to unsafe driving: 

•Venting frustration. While it might be tempting to lay on your horn when another road user’s driving annoys you, potentially pushing a person into an episode of road rage is never a smart idea. Don’t honk, yell or use hand gestures, because you never know how an unknown driver could react. 
•Honking hello. Don’t use your horn as a way of saying hello when you see a friend. Your horn may alarm another driver into doing something potentially dangerous such as swerving into the next lane or stomping on his or her brakes.
•Honking when you’re stuck in traffic. When you’re in the middle of stationary traffic congestion the only thing honking achieves is annoying every other driver stuck in the same predicament as you. Keep in mind episodes of road rage have been triggered by less annoying behavior. 

Think of your car horn as a safety feature and only use it when necessary. Staying calm on the road may help keep you safe and may also have the added benefit of reducing the risk of a claim on your Wisconsin auto insurance.


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