How to Help Prevent Your Car Being Targeted by Thieves

Even if you’ve purchased Wisconsin auto insurance coverage against theft, claims may cause your premiums to increase, so it makes good sense to do your best to help prevent your car from being stolen. While it may be impossible to completely theft-proof your car, there are many ways to make your car difficult to steal and difficulty is often enough to encourage a potential thief to leave your car in favor of an easier target. 

Many people make a point of locking their car doors and windows but fail to secure the sunroof. Never underestimate a car thief’s ability to take advantage of an open sunroof to gain entry to your car. 

By leaving a cell phone, money, camera, GPS device or even shopping parcels inside your car, you’re making it a tempting target for a thief. Once your car locks are bypassed, a criminal may be able to steal your car along with the items in it. 

Regardless of the area you live or work in, it’s a smart idea to invest in a steering wheel lock. A steering wheel lock is an inexpensive metal bar that attaches across a steering wheel, preventing it from being turned. 

By implementing straightforward common sense precautions, you may help reduce the risk of your car being stolen. Remember to inform your Wisconsin auto insurance agent if you install an alarm system or immobilizer in your vehicle, and find out if it entitles you to a discount on auto insurance.


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