How to Handle a Tire Blowout

Wisconsin drivers who have experienced a tire blowout can understand how the sudden explosive sound of a tire bursting could startle you into swerving off the road. Unfortunately, a tire blowout can cause a potentially serious accident. It’s important to have auto insurance in case of accidents, but there are things you can do minimize the risk of one if your tire does burst.

What to do if you experience a tire blow out:

•    Gently push down on the accelerator as soon as you become aware of the tire blowout. This is crucial as it directs the car in a straight line and helps prevent instinctive braking and swerving. Don’t be concerned about gaining speed, as the resistance of your damaged tire should prevent this from happening. After a couple of seconds, remove your foot from the accelerator in a single smooth movement.

•    While keeping your feet off the brake, clutch and accelerator, let your vehicle slow to around 30 mph. Gently direct your vehicle off the road, heading for the same side as the damaged tire if it is safe to do so. Apart from making the tire change safer, choosing to stop on the same side as the blowout reduces your risk of losing control as you pull onto the shoulder. At this point you can gently apply the brakes if necessary.

Tire blowouts are often caused by hot weather, hitting an object in the road, driving in a relatively straight line at high speeds, and under-inflated tires. The frequent flexing of under-inflated tires can cause weak spots that may lead to tire failure. It makes considerable sense to regularly check the pressure of your tires, especially during the warmer months.


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