Healthy Living: Taking Care of Your Back

Young Woman Holding Her Neck in PainPersonal health is always important and is especially important in the workplace. Everyday, we put more and more strain on our bodies. This strain leads to several health problems, including lower back pain. Back pain can slow you down and make some of the easiest tasks, extremely difficult.

There are six areas of our bodies that can be well maintained in order to take care of your body mechanics. To reduce future injuries, there are right and wrong ways to move your back.


Make sure you are bending your knees, not your back. You should try to keep your back straight while lifting, do this by adjusting your footing. Also, hold objects close to your body while lifting.


While sitting, make sure both feet are flat on the floor. You should also keep your knees at or slightly below the level of your hips. Also, protect your lower back by providing lumbar support with a pillow or rolled up towel.


While driving, you also need to use lumbar support like a pillow or rolled up towel. Keep both hands on the wheel and sit straight up. You should not keep any items in your back pockets while driving so that your body weight is equally distributed. Finally, shift your weight as little as possible.

Working on a computer

Sit straight up with your back firm against a chair. Make sure you are using a lumbar supporting chair to help with ergonomics at the office. Use a footrest to keep feet flat on a surface.

While standing or walking

Stand with one foot up, rest the foot on something so that you can keep your back straight. Also, correct your posture whenever necessary so you are not slouching. Always wear comfortable and low-heeled shoes.


Sleep on a mattress that supports your body’s natural curves. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs, or on your back with a pillow under your knees.

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