Have you noticed more motorcycles on the road lately? Learn more about Wisconsin Mororcycle Insurance!

Can you believe it?! This past spring I took my first motorcycle safety course to start my riding with good habits and knowledge of riding before obtaining my motorcycle license. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone currently riding or looking to start.  You might have noticed an increase of motorcycles on the road this year with usage growing by nearly 5% each year.  Are more cycles being bought and ridden because of baby boomers midlife crisis or gas prices?  Whatever the reason, along with an increase in sales and usage, there has also been a steady increase of fatalities and injuries from motorcycles while all other highway fatalities have declined. Safety such as wearing a helmet and knowledge of your bike and riding is the key to successful trips.

As you may know, motorcycles are usually not covered under the standard auto policy but must be written on a separate Wisconsin motorcycle insurance policy. Having the motorcycle on a separate policy gives you the flexibility to choose different limits or exclude coverage on the policy. A separate policy tailored to a motorcycle will give you the option to cover customized accessories up to a set limit you choose. Many motorcycle owners add accessories and equipment in addition to those that are standard on the bike.  Always be sure to look into adding additional coverage for items such as sidecars, electronics, custom paint, custom exhausts, luggage carriers, etc.

Who doesn’t like a discount?! A few other things to consider when insuring your motorcycle are the discounts you may be eligible to receive.  You will want to mention your riding experience, successfully attending a motorcycle safety course, having the motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license, or if you belong to a motorcycle club.  There are other factors which will affect your premium such as driving history, credit score, location, age, and type of bike you are insuring.
Motorcycle policies include the same coverage’s that are available on your auto policy. Those coverage’s are bodily injury liability, property damage, uninsured motorists, underinsured motorist, medical payments, collision, comprehensive, and roadside assistance.  It is very important to have adequate limits for these coverage’s. Motorcycle riders may not expect to be the cause of an accident, but they are still more vulnerable to serious injury.

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Be sure to check out Wisconsin’s safety campaign of “Zero in Wisconsin”.

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