Happy Memorial Day or Happy Clearance Shopping Day!

Today has been such a great day of remembrance and thoughts going out to those who have fought and died for our country, those who have served, and those currently still serving in the military.  I hope everyone stayed safe and enjoyed the time off work and with family and friends if they had off. 

I noticed today that people were headed in two directions.  One was to the cemetery or to a Memorial Day parade and the other to the mall for all the Memorial Day sales.  I think it is interesting how shopping and memory of soldiers go together. I am not saying that one should not go shopping and get good deals, but when did it start that memory or holidays and shopping went together. 

Though it seems this is not the only national holiday that coincides with shopping, so does Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and New Years just to name a few others.  I think it is interesting how economically the two go together.  Whether it is buying camping gear or a new grill for this weekend or buying tons and tons of presents for Christmas or even waiting till the day after Christmas for all the sales to do your shopping it is all having a holiday and shopping together.

I hope no matter which you chose today and will choose in the future that you stay safe and enjoy some special time with family and friends.  Happy Memorial Day!    

-Kimmarie                                      Memorial-Day-640x473.jpg

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