What happens if I am caught texting while driving?

textingIn Wisconsin, it is illegal to text while driving at any age. Texting while driving is also extremely dangerous. But, did you know that breaking the law will cost you. Not only is it putting yourself and others in danger, it also puts you at risk of being ticketed.

Know the facts and avoid a costly ticket while staying safe.

  • Texting while driving can result in a 4-point inattentive driving ticket.
  • If the ticketed driver has a probationary license, their GDL restrictions will be extended by 6 months.
  • The cell phone law can be a primary enforcement or reason for a stop. It can also be secondary, meaning the driver is stopped for another violation.
  • If the driver has an instruction permit, they will have to wait six months from the violation date to be eligible for a probationary license.

It is best to avoid using your cell phone while driving. Turn off your phone or switch it to silent mode before you get behind the wheel. Only use your cell phone in emergency, or if you need to use it, pull over to a safe area. Otherwise, you can always ask a passenger to call or text for you.

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