How To: Go Paperless at the Office

Dual computer screens at every desk.

Becoming a paperless office can be very difficult. First, you have to get both management and employees on board with going paperless. You also have to make sure that it is a total office effort. There cannot be any reluctance in order to make a smooth transition to a paperless office. Here at Community Insurance we have taken several steps to convert our business to a paperless office.

Once everybody is committed to becoming paperless, you can begin the process. The first priority is to make sure everyone has access to reliable, high-speed internet at their desk. This will make sure that everyone will be able to immediately access any important documents.

Here are 7 steps to make going paperless simple:

1. Consider getting dual monitors for employees that spend much of their time working from a computer. This will cut down the need for them to print out documents.

2. Keep staff updated with technology advances and provide them with the appropriate tools in order to keep up with office automation.

3. Transfer all paper documents into a management system. This will require a lot of scanning and attachment of documents, but it is definitely worth it.

4. Recycle any old documents once they are switched over into your computers management system.

5. Sign up for electronic statements for as many bills as you can. This could include cell phone bills, credit cards, utilities, and many more.

6. Stop printing paper checks for your employees and switch to a direct deposit system.

7. Skip the direct marketing campaign and stick to a bulk email blast to all of the customers in your contact list. There are several great services for sending bulk emails, like MailChimp.

Converting to a paperless office, or “less paper,” will take time; however, the process is worth it. Switching to paperless can heighten security, create consistency, and save the business money. If you have any questions on easing the transition to paperless, you can email




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