Five Fantastic Fall Cleaning Tips

We all know about spring cleaning, but do you ever think about autumn cleaning?  There are certain household tasks that should be completed at least once every six months, and it’ll be easy for you to remember to do these tasks once in spring and once again in fall.

  • Clean your gutters.  It is important to clear out your gutters once every six months, but you should also be regularly checking them throughout the year.  Clogged gutters will not drain properly and can lead to mold, fungus, and bacteria in your gutters and on your roof.  You can clean your gutters yourself, but a professional gutter-cleaning service is the best way to ensure thoroughly cleaned gutters.
  • Speaking of mold, you should check for water leaks and do moisture control around your house every 6 months.  If you find areas where water is seeping in, ACT QUICKLY.  Also check to see if mold is already growing in some areas of your home; clean the mold and most importantly fix the leak that caused the mold to ensure it won’t happen again.
  • Change the batteries in your smoke alarms.  Although you may not have heard the annoying “beep” that goes off when your smoke alarm batteries are low, it is better to be safe and make sure all your smoke alarm batteries are as new as possible.
  • Check medications, household cleaning products, and even food for expiration dates.  There may be items you have long forgotten about in your medicine cabinet, or perhaps there are dangerous chemicals in some of the household cleaners you used to use.  Get rid of all expired products.
  • While you’re getting all this cleaning done, why not go over your home insurance policy to make sure it is covering all your assets?  Did you inform your insurance agent that you got a new roof or added on to your house?  Contact your insurance agent to go over your policy and make any changes that are needed.

Completing these tasks every six months will ensure a clean and safe environment for you and your family.  Chores can be a snore, but at least these only need to be completed twice every year!


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