Finding Namaste Even During Your Stressful Days

shoes.jpgA moderate level of stress can really motivate someone and pushes them to do their best both at work and at home.  However, too much stress can cause the exact opposite.  This is how people get burned out at a specific job.  People become less focused and are more prone to making mistakes.  I can handle pressure, but stress and my body do not go together.  I have found some ways to find balance and stay relaxed enough to be the most productive at work.

– Lavender Water- It seems simple, but it can be very relaxing.  Just use a small spritzer bottle, even an old perfume bottle could work, and put water and a couple drops of lavender essential oil and you have it.  When you start to feel stressed spray in right into your face to cool you down and the smell will help relax you.  You can use any scent that you prefer to calm you, I just use lavender.
– Take your shoes off.  Working at a desk can be helpful, because when you start to get stressed take your shoes off and feel the cold floor beneath it.  Focus on the coolness, texture, and even the hardness of the floor.  This helps to bring your energy down and get you grounded again.
– Deep Breathing.  Take a deep breath…I am serious.  It helps to just let everything go.  Find time every day to go outside or in a quite space where you can just get away and breath.  This will help you get a little bit of alone time away from the office and to help you regroup.

So there are a lot of ways people balance stress at work, but I like these three simple and free (except the essential oil) ways to quickly regain my balanced and focused state of being. 


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